Wednesday, July 11, 2012

letter to mummy

Dear mummy, time flies and it's been two lonely years without you by my side. my heart still hurts each time i think about you and tears just keep flowing. Waking up everyday, i still couldnt believe that you are no longer around anymore. mummy, remember those times where we would walk around aimlessly in the mall. you driving me to the beach to have mcflurry and us lying on the bed talking jokes and problems. i would trade everything and anything to have those moments back with you.mummy, life is just so hard to move on witout you. believe me i've tried but it keeps getting harder and unbearable. you have always been my biggest supporter and always telling people how proud you are of me as a person. mummy, neither daddy and everyone else feel the way you did towards me. i faiked to be perfect in their eyes. i dont know where went wrong. this makes me hate myself even more and it makes me feel very depress and hekpless. each time i visit you, my heart keep saying it's so is so hard without u. those days, whenever i faced any problem at all, just listening to your voice and knowing you will be by my side supporting n stading up to me always comforts me but now i feel so clueless confused n helpless. mummy.. for one more day tells a story about a man trued to commit suicide n end up seeing his mum who gave him advice about life.. is it true? many do and so ddo i..i love u always n when u ledt..u took part of my heart and soul with you.. cant wait til i can hug u and feel your warmness again..and the security and by then..i know am perfect again